TicTiger! 15/halfsize/orange-red cover/45 pages/late 2005/Php30 pesos

Featuring interviews with Alex Wrekk & Joe Biel of Microcosm Publishing and British artist-author extraordinaire Will Bishop Stephens! Erick Sr. writes an autobiographical retrospective on the band that changed his life-Mylon & Broken Heart. Miam ponders on her struggles as a writer. also featured is the speech given by late social critic-activist Ivan ILLich on the harms of American foreign aid missions to 3rd world countries. new Punkito comic strip by Doe Pbeetz. Erick Sr. writes about the Ten Most Overrated Pinoy Rock Bands of 2005! book reviews, zine reviews of new zine Monkey Milk plus the third installment of Nardong Tae, feature review of new CD-EP by Austrian fast p-rock geniuses The Gogets! new very long poem by Erick Sr.! want more? get this issue before we get tired of reprinting! you’ll feel sorry for yourself when you see that one of your friends has one and you don’t! don’t believe us? anybody who’s anybody reads it: Claire & Pao of Dumpling Press fame, Jammi Nedjadi of Monkey Milk Zine, Loi of all-female grrrl-rock legends Abrasive Relations, Matthew Arcilla (Brgy.Sesame Comics/Monochrome Fiesta Comics/In-Print Magazine book reviewer), Bunny Luz of San’To?Zine/Closet Regime, need we say more?!

TicTiger! 14/halfsize/yellow cover/30 pages/early 2005/Php20 pesos

The Discourse Issue! featuring exclusive interviews with Austrian p-rock trio The Gogets, SolubleFish Zine’s Jong Pairez on his sojourn and activism in Japan, the artist behind broadsheet maverick comic strip Fringe Benefits Cafe, and Dan Stephens of heavy music e-zine The Scene. Erick Sr. answers flippant criticisms of vegetarianism. Erick Sr. travels to San Pablo to attend benefit p-rock show and sees some great bands. Erick Sr. writes a short story- ‘Instinctive’. Obligatory Punkito comic strip. extensive reviews of zines such as San’To?, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Brainscan, The Perfect Mix Tape Segue, Red Eye plus more from the grinning Tiger!

Johnny Longhand 2: Johnny Fights The Coconut Nut!/one-fourth size/variable colored cover/black&white print/16 pages/Php10 pesosOUT OF PRINT!-Johnny Longhand 1-The Adventures & Misadventures of…/one fourth size/b-w cover/created,written and drawn by Doe Pbeetz“…a hilarious send-up of Pinoy folk heroism and vigilante machismo, starring the eponymous, faceless crusader with ridiculously stretchy limbs. in just two slim issues, readers have been treated to ninjas, goons, Care Bear slave labor, a corrupt armchair, big monster mecha, and a trusty sidekick named Bangaw (who happens to be an actual Bangaw). Wonderfully nuts.“-Matthew Arcilla & Paolo Cruz, Brgy. Sesame Comics

OUT OF PRINT!-KILUSAN SA PAPEL/one-fourth size/parchment cover-variable/48 pages/Php15 pesosito malamang ang kauna-unahang zine resource na nasusulat sa Tagalog. narito ang mga tips at gabay para sa mga taong nais magsimulang gumawa ng sariling zine publication. meron ding tungkol sa paggawa ng sariling rubber stamp, mga abiso tungkol sa pagpapalaganap ng iyong zine, consignment, diskarte sa pag-iimprenta, mga teknik sa pagde-design at iba pang mga kaalaman para sa baguhang zinester.

SR.[senior] #2/one-fourth size/variable cover-limited stitched editions/16 pages/Php10 pesos

the second installment of Erick’s personal stories zine. Erick writes about coming to terms with the paradoxes of life and faith, his distaste for religious proselytization, an almost disastrous trip with his wife to Baguio City, attending a wedding with old college friends (and enemies), and hospital trauma during the birth of his son. according to some readers, very heart-rending.

OUT OF PRINT!-SR. [senior] #1/one-sixth size/blue cover/12 pages/last two copies-Php5 pesos each

the first personal stories-oriented zine focusing on Erick’s life experiences with the people he has interacted with in the past 10 years. he tackles the issue of gender roles in the context of his own behaviour as a a stereotyped talkative and sensitive anti-sexist male.

Return Of The Transplant

Erick’s first computer-drawn autobiographical comix about his experiences when he went back to his hometown in Subic-Olongapo City. Drawings venture into surrealist symbols. He relates first-hand accounts of social and political corruption. After reading this, you will not look at Olongapo City the same way again.