The Editor and PublisherErick A. Fabian Sr. (legally known as Frederick Antonio Fabian, aka Doe Pbeetz, Jen Stryken, Erick Sr., Erick TicTiger!, Aradan [his Sindarin name] and ‘The Sean Connery of Philippine Zines’ according to Paolo O. Cruz-but that’s his take.) is the editor, publisher and co-founder of TicTiger! Productions.  He is also the sole member/singer/songwriter/instrumentalist of the organic rock outfit Lewis*Staples, a lacto-ovo vegetarian and cook, negligent animal rights activist, freelance graphic artist and web designer, novice Flash animator, Christian mysticism proponent, creator of the fictional language Talumena  , a father, a handmade book enthusiast, papier-mache sculptor, independent cult researcher, a former State Varsity Christian Fellowship-Diliman member (c.1996-2000), a former youth camp counselor, a lapsed DIY straightedge punk, a former branch supervisor for a cellphone company, a househusband, and writer of a still-unfinished novel about the Known Passing World, among so many things. He is too young, according to many senior citizens. He was born in 1978, right before 80’s and all that glamourous bad hair and great music.

Miam Tan-Fabian is the editress, proofreader, researcher and the person in charge of production. She holds a degree in biology, has worked in a botanical research laboratory for four years, has written for children’s TV, and can tell the scariest ghost stories. She can outride anyone in a rollercoaster and has put several misogynists in their place (she keeps record). Miam also drew in the Dumpling Press comix ‘Brgy. Sesame’. She works in LaSalle University-Taft and is still finishing her vampire novel. She is obsessed with a certain adorable miniature person called Sil.

Send us your inquiries at: tictiger[at]gmail[dot]com