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After 15 years, the world has changed. Or rather, people’s concerns and attitudes when it comes to media consumption and use of technology has changed. In order to define our place in this rapidly-changing information age, in a globalized world that keeps on getting smaller, we had to change too.

We changed outlooks, perspectives, and opinions, but we never sold out our core values. We are, and always will be, critical of anything that imposes conformity on anyone. Our operating procedures may have changed, but we are still advocates of freedom of thought, the liberty of the mind, and we are still fighting against oppression. At the same time, we are also about sustainability and learning new ways to effectively run our little nonviolent revolution.

We are now digital content creators, aside from being a small press publishing outfit and netlabel.

We will be posting updates here in due time. At the moment, please join us on our Facebook page:

We never gave up the fight. We are just acquiring new weapons.


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