Apologies for not posting here for such a long time…MySpace and Facebook ate too much of the attention.

So anyway:

1. CERUMENTRIC was nominated for Best Dance Act-Solo in the AVIMA Awards 2009 (http://voize.my). I did not win, but it was the biggest exposure I’ve ever had so far and I have nothing but big thanks to the VOIZE people of Malaysia, Siva Chandran, Rachel Chan, etc. Thanks a lot to those who voted and supported CERUMENTRIC. Three albums are coming your way (of course, you have to pay a bit for it, or I’ll go hungry.), and I really worked hard on them.

2. Work is almost done on the third album. I’m planning on releasing all three albums this year. More choices for you!

3. CERUMENTRIC is now on Facebook! If you don’t find anything new here, just go to:


4. The CERUMENTRIC Pre-Release Teaser can now be downloaded at


It contains free mp3 samples, new press photos, and a newly-written bio. Enjoy!

5. I’m appealing to people who can help me raise money for a good laptop that I can use for live performances. I am a freelance web designer/graphic artist/writer-editor/English tutor/sound designer/music composer/sound editor. Just email me at eafsr-at-yahoo-dot-com. My prices are cheaper than standard rates.

That’s all for now.


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