Chunky Far Flung Gallery & Cafe Is Closing!

A ton of apologies for the bad news. The launch of TicTiger! #16, supposed to be held at Chunky Far Flung in Cubao, will have to be considered tentative (read: cancelled) until an alternative venue can be arranged. That does not mean that we will not release the new issue. It’s just that there will be no fanfare  or any event to accompany it. I have just been informed by trusty sources (Pao and Claire) that the much-liked venue will close by the end of January due to yet undisclosed reasons from Margs, the hip and industrious manager.

Do help us find an alternative venue for the All Tomorrow’s Gimiks event. Don’t hesitate if you happen to know of a good venue or if you don’t mind offering your garage space for some kick-ass listening party/gathering of like-minds/zine reading.

Contact: Erick Sr.: 09284064952 or email us at tictiger[at]gmail[dot]com. 


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