Happy New Year News!

Happy New Year to everyone who reads zines and supports independent media!

The good news so far:

  • The 3rd installment of that fast-shootin’, over-talkin’ comix hero Johnny Longhand is now done and is off to the printers! Expect more guns, hilarity, blood, gore, explosions, and bad jokes as our hero faces a most challenging villain! There will be a song and dance number!
  • Erick’s nonfiction zine, SR(senior) , is now on its 3rd issue. Cover still being conceptualized. More true-to-life stories.
  • New UnderStanding Sound Recordings act, Cerumentric, is now on studio/PC finishing first single. Plans for MySpace Music account, where songs can be downloaded for free.

 Other news: Due to the Taiwan earthquake damage, expect some delay over updates and responses. Please bear with us. I know you’re all looking for something exciting to happen here.



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2 responses to “Happy New Year News!

  1. Bad News: Chunky Far Flung Gallery and Cafe will be closing its doors by the end of this month!!! I can’t get into WordPress due to the Taiwan undersea cable damage.I will post more details later. It just feels bad. The launching for TicTiger!#16 will have to be moved elsewhere. Please keep yourselves posted. Thanks!-Erick Sr.

  2. Hello, this is Sic N Tyrd, the creator of the Fringe Benefits Cafe comic strips in Philippine Star. We had a correspondence a long time ago and lost touch. I see you’re a wordpress user, too. That’s great. Anyway, hope I can get a copy of that issue with me in it….hahahaha…. feed the ego, it’s still tax free. Hope to hear from you soon.

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