After 15 years, the world has changed. Or rather, people’s concerns and attitudes when it comes to media consumption and use of technology has changed. In order to define our place in this rapidly-changing information age, in a globalized world that keeps on getting smaller, we had to change too.

We changed outlooks, perspectives, and opinions, but we never sold out our core values. We are, and always will be, critical of anything that imposes conformity on anyone. Our operating procedures may have changed, but we are still advocates of freedom of thought, the liberty of the mind, and we are still fighting against oppression. At the same time, we are also about sustainability and learning new ways to effectively run our little nonviolent revolution.

We are now digital content creators, aside from being a small press publishing outfit and netlabel.

We will be posting updates here in due time. At the moment, please join us on our Facebook page:

We never gave up the fight. We are just acquiring new weapons.


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Apologies for not posting here for such a long time…MySpace and Facebook ate too much of the attention.

So anyway:

1. CERUMENTRIC was nominated for Best Dance Act-Solo in the AVIMA Awards 2009 ( I did not win, but it was the biggest exposure I’ve ever had so far and I have nothing but big thanks to the VOIZE people of Malaysia, Siva Chandran, Rachel Chan, etc. Thanks a lot to those who voted and supported CERUMENTRIC. Three albums are coming your way (of course, you have to pay a bit for it, or I’ll go hungry.), and I really worked hard on them.

2. Work is almost done on the third album. I’m planning on releasing all three albums this year. More choices for you!

3. CERUMENTRIC is now on Facebook! If you don’t find anything new here, just go to:

4. The CERUMENTRIC Pre-Release Teaser can now be downloaded at

It contains free mp3 samples, new press photos, and a newly-written bio. Enjoy!

5. I’m appealing to people who can help me raise money for a good laptop that I can use for live performances. I am a freelance web designer/graphic artist/writer-editor/English tutor/sound designer/music composer/sound editor. Just email me at eafsr-at-yahoo-dot-com. My prices are cheaper than standard rates.

That’s all for now.

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We Are NOT DEAD Yet!

For the sake of those wondering where TicTiger! Productions is going now, it’s not the grave of lost dreams.

We are currently busy with the following:

  1. Finishing the CERUMENTRIC debut LP to be released next year.
  2. Procuring gear for our home studio.
  3. Experimenting with different comix concepts.
  4. Planning new events for 2008.

Don’t fret. We will announce something soon. For the meantime, Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Johnny Longhand 3: The Menace Of The Sinister Minister! A cult leader with a very unusual “religious” weapon! A song number! More ninjas! Wisecracks! Creator Doe Pbeetz brings a new installment to loyal JL fans who are not so irony-challenged!

Please keep yourself posted for release news, events, and more dumb-ass know hows!

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Chunky Far Flung Gallery & Cafe Is Closing!

A ton of apologies for the bad news. The launch of TicTiger! #16, supposed to be held at Chunky Far Flung in Cubao, will have to be considered tentative (read: cancelled) until an alternative venue can be arranged. That does not mean that we will not release the new issue. It’s just that there will be no fanfare  or any event to accompany it. I have just been informed by trusty sources (Pao and Claire) that the much-liked venue will close by the end of January due to yet undisclosed reasons from Margs, the hip and industrious manager.

Do help us find an alternative venue for the All Tomorrow’s Gimiks event. Don’t hesitate if you happen to know of a good venue or if you don’t mind offering your garage space for some kick-ass listening party/gathering of like-minds/zine reading.

Contact: Erick Sr.: 09284064952 or email us at tictiger[at]gmail[dot]com. 

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Happy New Year News!

Happy New Year to everyone who reads zines and supports independent media!

The good news so far:

  • The 3rd installment of that fast-shootin’, over-talkin’ comix hero Johnny Longhand is now done and is off to the printers! Expect more guns, hilarity, blood, gore, explosions, and bad jokes as our hero faces a most challenging villain! There will be a song and dance number!
  • Erick’s nonfiction zine, SR(senior) , is now on its 3rd issue. Cover still being conceptualized. More true-to-life stories.
  • New UnderStanding Sound Recordings act, Cerumentric, is now on studio/PC finishing first single. Plans for MySpace Music account, where songs can be downloaded for free.

 Other news: Due to the Taiwan earthquake damage, expect some delay over updates and responses. Please bear with us. I know you’re all looking for something exciting to happen here.


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All Tomorrow’s Gimiks:

A listening party/’neo-salon’

Where: Chunky Far Flung, Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao, Quezon City

When: November 11, 2006/8PM.

What: Good music, great conversation! Mix music sets picked by Paolo O. Cruz and Danny Octopus! Zine readings! Unplugged sets by Lewis*Staples and Battle City! Meet smart, pop-savvy people!

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